Wednesday, June 3, 2009


huhu at last i got the new that is the answer y i didnt update my blog such a few month i think?hehe bout its ok la kan..anyway as being a teacher currently we have the break sem exam and it will continue to further up our study in sem 3...bout this sem i really think that quite a few prob that i might share with all of u.
>erm... i really appriciate my classmate exspecially gurl mtbm 1. thanks u all..
maybe and i do made mistake again and again still finding myself lah... wat color on me and bla2...huhu if and synonym to it is "kalaulah" huhu but that silly rite if we always looks back but yet still not having any changes so without wasting any air we must change la..... for me it quite horrible la and my life so much misery on that processing time....but it fine unless i know what i do its ok rite (^^) hehe .
> i think "life like tyre"sometimes we are in hinger level and somtimes we are in lower level. ... so that call hukum karma la kan2... 4 me yes i admit my mistake and 4 me .....i really easy going person but once i felt i was betrayed then it quite hurt actlly 4 me and thanks lah coz if these do not happen maybe i still behave like im, childish...i thought that is up to me what i wanna be but nowdays i must and required to be more carefull coz i dont want the same mistake happen to me"macam pisang berbuah dua kali la" but now alhamdulillah everything goes fine. just hope i could be SOMEONE nnt..huhu

>erm....but know tanak amik tau sal org la just do our work mean x nak amik tau hal org...(sigh) huhu i still remember the day i broken the rule huhu actlly i ponteng assembly la..huhu at first tue nervous gak la but when i know there is afew poeple still sleeping so dgn selamba jer ckp bertenang..huhu..... me???4 sure x leh wat salah...entahlah dah kene badi x leh wat salah kowt..gerem gak mase x g perhimpunan tue mase tue la ader pemilihan untuk gerko...benci2... last2 tataw la next sem msk gerko aper...hehehe bola jaring kowt...anyway ble ingat2 balik overall in sem 2 i found a few things bout (tuttt) secrete so aku x kisah and asalkan mereka semua bahagia....ameen..

p/s: kepada mereka2 yang me wat silap samada sengaja ataupun x sengaja im sorry n ne pown dah maafkan so 0-0 k sem hope i get a new spirit....(^^)
daaa....happy holdayz teachers~!

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